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Emile & Zeina Got Married

by Emile Sabbagh
Emile & Zeina wedding - cover photo -

On June 30, 2019, our dear parish member Emile Sabbagh was joined in Holy Matrimony with his soul mate Zeina Haddad. Decorated by the icons of its saints, our beautiful church wore an additional colourful garment of flowers, its bells rang in joy, the choir members chanted, and the church Fathers blessed the wedding ceremony. […]

Remembering Lydia Lipkowska

by Website committee

On the morning of May 11, 2018,  representatives from the Ukranian Embassy and the famous opera singer Victoria Loukianetz came to pray and lay a wreath at the tomb of the prominent opera singer Lydia Lipkowska. Ms. Lipkowska was of Ukranian origin. She passed away in 1958.  Ms. Lipkowska had a long successful career as an […]

Francois and Nada Got Married

by Website committee

On September 17, 2017 at St. Georgious in Bsalim, Francois Simion, a chanter in our church,  was united in holy matrimony to Nada Kahale. Congratulations!  May they  have a blessed and long  life together.  

Jocelyne Khacho crafted a mosaic icon for St. George Church – Ashrafieh-

by Website committee

 The beautiful large mosaic icon that was crafted  by Jocelyne Akoum  Khacho in 2007, was blessed and inaugurated on Sunday, March 5 at Saint George church (Ashrafieh)  in front of the congregation. Jocelyne Khacho is an artist, painter, stained  glass maker and iconographer. She has a Master of Arts in  plastique art  from ALBA and  has taken […]

هدية وفاء ومحبة من الأب نقولا سميرة للأب جرمانوس

by Emile Sabbagh

مساء الخميس العظيم المقدس وبعد الانتهاء من خدمة قراءة الأناجيل قام الأب نقولا سميرة بمبادرة رعائية ملفتة إذ قدم للأب جرمانوس صليبا هدية منه عربونا للوفاء والمحبة والشكر… كل ذلك تم وسط تصفيق المؤمنين الحار وترتيل جوقة المرتلين: “إحفظ يا رب، مباركنا ومخلصنا إلى أعوام عديدة”. فيا أبونا نقولا، لقد أهديت الصليب إلى راع أمضى […]

Mr. Elias Mitri El Murr passing to the heavenly kingdom

by Website committee

On Sunday, December 18 (2016), Mr. Elias El Murr, the distinguished Psalmist passed away to the merciful God after having spent fifty and more years in our Church devoting his throat for recitation and invocation to the Creator and to all Fathers, Saints and Martyrs who had lit the path. His great voice is still […]

Jocelyne ran in the 2016 Marathon

by Website committee

Jocelyne Akkoum Khacho, the wife of our main chanter Elie, ran in the 2016 Marathon which took place on November 13, 2016. Bravo! Jocelyne ran 42,195 km in 4 hours 5 minutes and 12 seconds which is an improvement of 46 minutes from last year.  Amazing result!  

تخرج رفيق عبود

by Website committee

مبروك التخرج  لرفيق عبود (الذي هو أحد ألأعضاء الأساسيين في جوقة كنيستنا) من مدرسة القديس رومانوس المرنم للموسيقى الكنسية وقد حازا على درجة جيد جداً و نتمنى له التوفيق والنجاح والصحة وألأمان

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