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Rafic & Mira Got Married

by Emile Sabbagh
Rafic & Mira cover photo

They both said yes forever, and what God has joined together, let no one separate. Our Lord and God, bless the wreath of our chanters, Rafik Abboud and Mira Abou Saleh, as You blessed the marriage at Cana in Galilee, and be for them the faithful guide and lifetime companion so that they fulfil Your […]

Ibrahim & El Vie Got Engaged

by Emile Sabbagh
Ibrahim & El Vie cover photo

“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1). With such faith did our own Ibrahim Jarrouj, who assists the Priests during church service in the altar, step forward on September 20, 2020, to get engaged to his beloved El Vie, receiving the heavenly blessings by the warm prayers of our […]

Rafic & Mira Got Engaged

by Emile Sabbagh
Mira & Rafic coverphoto

“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1).   With such faith did church singers Rafic Abboud and Mira Abou Saleh step forward on July 12, 2020, to get engaged and receive heavenly blessings, by the warm prayers of our revered Fathers Germanos El Hajj and Nicola Smaira. Parish members […]

صلاة تُقال عند الخوف من مرض وبائي

by Emile Sabbagh

أيها السيّد الربّ إلهنا ، ينبوع الرأفات الذي لا يَفرَغ ، ولُجّة التعطّفات التي لا قرار لها ، إليكَ نتضرّع أن تردّ عنّا سيف الموت، الحادّ الرهيب ، المجرّد على طبيعتنا ، عرّانا الخوف والرعدة وغَشيَتنا ظلمة الموت الرهيب الدامسة . ونظراً للخوف الحاصل لنا من هذه الضربة الرهيبة ، أمسَيْنا عديمي الثقة حتى بأنفسنا […]

“ A Path Called Serenity ” a new E- book by Bassam Tabshouri

by Emile Sabbagh

Going down into one’s soul is the real journey of mankind in history. To understand what is going outside you need to see what is going inside you. Oneness of human Nature is what makes us understand one another. The more you know yourself, the deeper you see what goes on inside the world and […]

Spiro & Yara Got Married

by Emile Sabbagh
Spiro & Yara coverphoto

On September 28th, 2019, our beautiful church witnessed and blessed the Holy Matrimony of Spiro Kidess and his love, Yara Dagher. Spiro is one of our very own church community. Spiro’s wedding ceremony brought together many young men and women who along with him grew up in our church and were involved in many of […]

Emile & Zeina Got Married

by Emile Sabbagh
Emile & Zeina wedding - cover photo -

On June 30, 2019, our dear parish member Emile Sabbagh was joined in Holy Matrimony with his soul mate Zeina Haddad. Decorated by the icons of its saints, our beautiful church wore an additional colourful garment of flowers, its bells rang in joy, the choir members chanted, and the church Fathers blessed the wedding ceremony. […]


by Emile Sabbagh

 ( منزلة جنوبية )   الصيام المبارك على الابواب يعني بدنا نبلش بالطبخات القديمة التراثية ومنها أكلة منزلة جنوبية    :المكونات +  ( أربع حبات كوسا وسط ( مكعبات – ( حبتين باذنجان مدعبل وسط ( مكعبات – ( أربع حبات بطاطا وسط ( مكعبات – ( حبتين بصل وسط ( مقطع جوانح – خمس حبات بندورة كبيرة مبروشة […]

صلاة من أجل المرضى

by Emile Sabbagh

أيها الرب المحب البشر والجزيل التحنن، أبُ المراحم وطبيب المرضى وإله الصبر والتعزية. استمع الى صلواتنا وتضرعاتنا التي نرفعها إليك في أول الليل طالبين رحمتك وصلاحك. انظر، أيها الرب الهنا ، الى أحزاننا وآلامنا، وتطلّع الى دموع وتنهدات أبنائك المتألمين الأشقياء، وهلمَّ لترفعَ التنهدات عن قلوبنا وتُهدئ عاصفة نفوسنا وتمنحنا كنوز الصبر الجزيلة الثمن والثقة […]

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