Going down into one’s soul is the real journey of mankind in history.A Path Called Serenity

To understand what is going outside you need to see what is going inside you. Oneness of human Nature is what makes us understand one another.

The more you know yourself, the deeper you see what goes on inside the world and people. In his search for beauty, peace and joy, the author (Bassam) succeeded in depicting an image made out of lines and colors, drawn from all kinds of wisdom seeds, to come, finally to the conclusion that….This book is rich in insights. It is not an ordinary book; it is for those who care to …(A commentary on the book)

This book will take you on a multidimensional joyful and beautiful journey along a path of serenity. During this journey, you will enjoy the beauty of art, music, dance, inspiring quotes, stories and videos –from all over the globe- via 200 paintings and photos (more than a hundred given by friends) and over 230 links to music and videos. You will also come across a bouquet of different psychological principles, spiritualties, wisdom from different cultures, and some points from the experience of the author. All these elements are interwoven with a focus on leading you “the reader” to dive more and more into the depths of your hidden inner beauty.

Work on this book started April 2011 and finished in March 2019. Getting the approvals for the different citations (over 800) and for the paintings/ pictures (200), revising and updating the book took lot of work over a period of five years.

The book can be accessed on: www.solemndolphin.com