Jocelyne Khacho

 The beautiful large mosaic icon that was crafted  by Jocelyne Akoum  Khacho in 2007, was blessed and inaugurated on Sunday, March 5 at Saint George church (Ashrafieh)  in front of the congregation.

Jocelyne Khacho is an artist, painter, stained  glass maker and iconographer. She has a Master of Arts in  plastique art  from ALBA and  has taken several courses in glass painting at  l’Ecole   Superieure des Beaux de Paris (ENSBA), where she received her diploma with honors. Jocelyne has taken several courses of icon painting under the supervision of sister Esther Marie of Carmel Saint Joseph.


Jocelyne Khacho - 01 -iconJocelyne Khacho - 02 -iconJocelyne Khacho - 03 -icon