Father John Sakkab came to Saint Mary’s in 1954.

Born on March 1, 1927, Father Sakkab comes from a Palestinian origin. He was intelligent, dynamic, and sociable. Having a strong musical voice, Father Sakkab organized a choir to help the chanters. He was also concerned with Catechism and Sunday School. He encouraged the organization of a youth club that would include sports, social and cultural issues and help educate the new generation both mentally and physically. When security in the country started tumbling, Father Sakkab was concerned about the safety of his children and their future, so he decided to emigrate. He got an authorization from the Archbishop and left with his family to America in 1975.

Father John Sakkab


Fr. Hanna Shaanineh in Beirut

Father Sakkab during Palm Sunday in the Sixties

Father Sakkab in 2000

Father Sakkab during his visit to the parish in year 2000

Father Hanna with his children

Father Sakkab with his children