On   March 8, 2016,  on the occasion of International Women’s Day,  Dr. Lamia Rustum Shehadeh was honored by the  Cultural Movement in the  in the auditorium of the Mar Elias  Church center in Antelias.   The meeting was moderated by Dr. Thereze Doueihy Hatem and Mr. Sam Manasseh who offered the introductory speech about the honoree. A number of speakers such as  Dr.Aman Kabbara Shaarani and Dr.Suad Sleem followed by turn witnessing the achievements of Dr.Lamia Shehadeh.

Dr. Shehadeh   is the wife of Dr. Essam Shehade and  the  daughter of  the well known  historian Asad Rustum,  author of the Orthodox Church of Antioch.    She   earned her doctorate degree at Harvard University in 1969  upon which followed   a rich professional path in academia, management and intellectual productivity.  From her position as a university professor, she worked on integrating feminist theory, Arab Feminism, gender and society as basic study material at the Civilization Sequence Program at the American University of Beirut.   She has published several books on women, most important of which were “Women and War in Lebanon” and “The Idea of Woman in Islamic Fundamentalism”.

Dr. Shehadeh is currently serving as president of the Lebanese chapter of Harvard University.
The ceremony was concluded by Dr. Sheahdeh who gave an insightful speech unveiling the factors behind her  journey.