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Elias EL Murr Easter 2009

The concert  was performed by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Choir conducted by Father Romanos, parish priest of St. George Cathedral.  Many of Mr. Murr’s longtime friends and  a great number of parishioners attended  the concert. The audience was welcomed by Parish Council member, Mr. Samir Obeid.

ELias Murr

Honoring Elias EL Murr in 2004

Father Germanos addressed the audience voicing appreciation of  Mr. Murr’s accomplishments and the important contribution of the Murr family to a renaissance of Byzantine chant in the Antiochian church. When Mgr. Elias Audi addressed the audience, he first spoke about the importance of chanters in the life of the church. He then praised Mr. Murr for his faithful and remarkable contribution to St. Mary’s Church.  Mr. Murr received a plaque from the Parish Council as a token of gratitude for the many years that he had served the church. The concert was followed by a reception in the parish hall.


Mr. Elias Mitri El Murr passing to the heavenly kingdom

Elias Mitri El Murr funeral - 02 -

Photo taken at Saint Dimitrios Church during the funeral of Elias Mitri El Murr

Elias Mitri El Murr funeral - 1 -

Photo taken at Saint Dimitrios Church during the funeral of Elias Mitri El Murr

On Sunday, December 18 (2016), Mr. Elias El Murr, the distinguished Psalmist passed away to the merciful God after having spent fifty and more years in our Church devoting his throat for recitation and invocation to the Creator and to all Fathers, Saints and Martyrs who had lit the path. His great voice is still echoing between the walls of our Church till our present day and will continue for many years to come.

The Funeral took place in Saint Dimitrius Church presided his eminence Metropolitan Elias Audi and a number of priests from the different parishes. May his memory be eternal.


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